Shenzhen Anti-fraud hotline 0755-81234567---Shirley Pan

In the past few months, I got some fraud phone calls, such as your son was kidnapped, your ID card was used by criminal in Xia Men for money laundering, etc. What was most striking to me was the cheater can spell my whole name, ID number, my child’s name, the name of my son’s university, also let me hear the child crying voice.

I believe most of people lives in Shenzhen received one or more phone calls, short messages, emails from fraudsters. Some of them really have been cheated. It’s reported that some of scams operated through social media platforms including QQ, WeChat, and son on..

How to identify whether it is fraud? Shenzhen Police reminding: normally, incoming calls or test messages involving key words or claims-such as underpayment of phone bills, malicious overdrafts, information leakage, duty paid award, money laundering and insurance offers-they could be fraud. Such scams usually require the victims to transfer their money to another account. 

When receiving phone calls or some text messages from fraudsters, below four ways for your reference. 

1.Call the hotline 0755-81234567 first to inquire. According to the news , a team of 30 officers in Shenzhen’s cyber police unit manage the hotline at 0755-81234567 and a website,, and respond to inquiries about different types of fraud 24 hours a day.

2.Call 110 immediately or send text messages to 0755-110 to make a report. 

3.Contact your close friend, colleague or relevant professionals for helping.

4.Check with 10086 for consultation.