Secured Sourcing in China; Michael Sylvester

How does Secured Sourcing work?dots.jpg

X + 5% is how it works, meaning, the cost of your goods plus 5% that’s it.

No trading companies, no brokers, no agents, no commissions and no more worrying about pushing ‘send’ when transferring  funds for your next outsourced purchase in China.  You remain in contact with the shop floor on your orders, and we merely facilitate communications.  

We are not a trading company.  We act as local counsel to hundreds of companies from every corner of the world.  Now, after a decade of experience here on the ground, we are simply putting the lessons learned to work through Secured Sourcing.

  • You get a dual language, enforceable, China compliant contract with the actual manufacturer…and not his brother in law’s wife’s sister’s company in Hong Kong.
  • You get due diligence / business licenses / export rights and manufacturing permits on your outsourced manufacturer before you send anyone plans, specs, designs or money.
  • You get bailment / molds / tooling agreements as may be required.  Holding of those molds between production runs may also be arranged,  please call for details.
  • You get final payment terms, depending on the industry, factory and order size, of 90-180 days, as permissible under Chinese Law.
  • You get trust fund holding on all deposits, milestone payments, etc.
  • An additional benefit, at no charge, is that the location of your manufacturers is kept secret by Secured Sourcing who is contracting your orders from inside China for you.
  • Order minimums start at USD 1 million under this price framework, but we will evaluate orders of USD 500,000 and up on a case-by-case basis.

A commercial relationship with Sylvester Associates Secured Sourcing is not a legal services agreement, but we do use the same staff, lawyers, translators, export agents and quality control personnel that we use when providing trustee based legal services to our other clients.

The purchaser remains responsible for all costs of funds issues, shipping costs and quality control matters, to avoid a conflict of interest on our trust duties to you.  We advise SGS or similar third party QC contractors and will help you establish a relationship, as requested.

We advise that all IP matters should be dealt with before opening any outsourcing contract with any party, in any location.  If that level of services may be required, please contact our legal department for a flat rate turn key bid on patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.